Certain expressions and verbs such as demand,insist,propose,recommend,request ,and suggest are followed by the subjunctive.The subjunctive uses the base form of the verb.It is generally used in formal language to express a wish or necessity.

I think consumers need to insist (that) advertisements be truthful every aspect.

Some ads seem to demand (that)the consumer buy the product.

These expressions are frequently followed by the subjunctive:

It is crucial                  It is essential                 It is imperative

It is vital                     It is important                It is critical

I believe it is essential that an ad be clever and witty in order to be effective.

در مثال های بالا،فعلی که بعد از فاعل قرار گرفته است ساده است و اگر فعل را غیر از حالت ساده قرار دهیم جمله از لحاظ گرامری نادرست خواهد بود.

نکته دیگر این که بعد از افعالی که در بالا به آن ها اشاره شد،فاعل با اسم خواهد بود یا ضمیر.به مثال زیر توجه کنید:

I demanded he buy a new jacket.(pronoun)

I demanded Ali lend me his pen.(noun)

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pave the way


To make progress or development easier


راه را ( برای کاری یا چیزی)هموار کردن


experiments that paved the way for future research.

آزمایش هایی که راه را برای تحقیقات آتی هموار ساخته است

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go haywire


mix up,break;not work properly


They said they fixed the car, but it went haywire again the next day.

اون ها گفتن ماشین و درست کردند،اما روز بعدش دوباره قاط زد!

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Anon, published by G. Tregear, 123 Cheapside, London, 1833

In this print, the main figure follows popular medical advice to cure himself of a severe cold. The most common medical reference guide found in many Briton's homes was Domestic Medicine, written by a Scottish physician, William Buchan (1729-1805). Buchan wrote the book in order to, “render the medical art more generally useful, by showing people what is in their own power both with respect to the prevention and cure of diseases.”3 Domestic Medicine, first published in 1769, ran through 142 English editions and was reportedly used in poorer Scottish families until 1927.4

Buchan theorized that colds were the “effect of an obstructed perspiration.”5 The caricature demonstrates the different ways to induce sweating to relieve the symptoms of a cold. First, the man dresses warmly. He wears a huge bulky coat over his nightshirt, ties a scarf around his neck, and wraps his head in flannel. Buchan also suggested, “bathing the feet and legs every night in warm water” to “restore the perspiration.”6 In this print, the man plans on soaking his feet in hot water for 20 minutes. He also stirs a bowlful of gruel. Buchan instructed reducing the quantities of solid food, and instead suggested light bread-pudding, veal or chicken broth, and gruel. He wrote:


"His drink may be water-gruel sweetened with a little honey; an infusion of balm, or linseed sharpened with the juice of orange or lemon; a decoction of barley and liquorice with tamarinds, or any other cool, diluting, acid liquor. ABOVE all, his supper should be light; as small posset, or water-gruel sweetened with honey, and a little toasted bread in it. "

Buchan doesn't mention rubbing tallow, an animal fat, on the nose. Perhaps tallow was thought to assist the opening of the sinus cavities and provide relief for a stuffy nose.


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max out


reach the highest limit

مثال :

Gold price has maxed out these days.

قیمت طلا این روز ها به بالاترین حد خودش رسیده

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feel the pinch


to be rolling on money


در مضیقه اقتصادی بودن


Ted : Mom! Why don’t u buy me another computer? ours is outdated

Mom:Ted!What do u think about me?We’re feeling the pinch now


تد : مامان!چرا ی کامپیوتر دیگه واسم نمی خری؟این یکی از مد رفته!

مامان تد : تد،تو چ فکری راجب من کردی؟در حال حاضر تو مضیقه اقتصادی هستیما!مثلا!

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این یک داستان کاملا واقعی و جالب است از یک سوتی!

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